Meet Michael Dorwart

I am running for Missouri State Representative in District 106. For those of you who don’t have all 163 MO state legislative districts memorized, D-106 is located smack dab in the middle of St. Charles (30 minutes outside of St. Louis). I know you probably have some great questions for me already:

  • “Why should I vote for you?”
  • “What makes you qualified to represent anyone?”
  • “What high school did you go to?”
  • “Isn’t Missouri a Republican state?”
  • “What?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “Why isn’t this bio written in the third person?”
  • “What is a state representative?”
  • “Why is this so conversational; are you a serious candidate?”
  • “I’d never vote for a Democrat?”

Hey now, that last one isn’t even a question, but I will address it along with your actual (hypothetical) inquiries in time. I want to start by telling you why I’m running.

I’m one of the lead organizers of St. Louis for Bernie Sanders. The past 6 months has been the most eye-opening, educational, exciting & inspirational time I’ve had the pleasure to experience in my 28 years of life. I’ve helped organize countless canvassing efforts (locally and across state lines), phone bank sessions, rallies, marches & events. Time after time I meet passionate people of a broad demographic that are hungry for meaningful and progressive change. I also learn hard truth, after hard truth at every turn. There are millions of hardworking people in this country who are hurting. For instance, 60 million people in the US are either uninsured or underinsured. Worse yet, people who are insured are going bankrupt from medical bills. That’s simply unacceptable. We went to the moon over 46 years ago; I think we can find a way to guarantee healthcare as a human right. Unfortunately, this doesn’t even scratch the surface. Please check out my issues page to learn about some of the other very serious problems I want to help solve.

I can no longer simply cast my vote and hope my representatives do what is best. There is too much at stake. We need representatives who are willing to fight for what the people deserve at every turn. I aim to restore the public service component to elected office.

No president alone can resolve the very real issues our people face. Real change happens from the bottom up. I ask that you join me in my effort to achieve MO Progress. I cannot do it alone.