Bruce Franks in the 78th: Super Heroes Unite!

I’m Bruce Franks and I’m a South St. Louis City native and small business owner. I’m a husband and a father, in addition to being a community activist and leader.
As a small business owner, I have employed several members of my community and given back through sponsorships and numerous philanthropic endeavors.

In January of 2015, I was appointed as Police Community Liaison by the St. Louis City Police chief. This position allowed me to facilitate the necessary and crucial conversations between the community members and the police department. From this point, I have been able to pave the way for police accountability reform.

I have a profound passion for encouraging and guiding youth. As a regional organizer for Generation Progress, an organization designed to reach young progressive leaders throughout the region and arm them with the appropriate resources to combat gun violence, I have been able to serve my agenda to decrease crime rates in challenging communities.

In September of 2015, I was awarded the Champions of Change award by The White House for my exceptional work with law enforcement and community leaders to bridge the gaps in communication and create mutual understanding for targeted communities.

Now, I am taking a stand for my community and running for State Representative of the 78th District in St. Louis, MO. With your support, we could begin to get legislation on the table to reform Police/Community protocol, the current state of education, business growth and development, financial literacy and financial empowerment.

Please vote for me, Bruce Franks, on Tuesday, August 2nd for State Representative of the 78th District so that we may continue the conversation and the fight for justice, equality and unity.