Meet Dan Wibracht, state house district 73 candidate

I am a 3rd generation member of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 562. As Representative, I will protect workers’ rights and actively fight against all Right-to-Work legislation. As a father with three of my four children attending schools in the Hazelwood district, children’s education is a priority. I want to see more state funding go to our public schools because they are currently underfunded by hundreds of millions of dollars. My wife, Kaleigh, and I met in high school where we both graduated from Hazelwood West in 2004. I will also do my best to help pass Medicaid Expansion; far too many people are not receiving the health care they need because they simply cannot afford it. I have always been a resident of the north county area, and as Representative I will do my best to keep it a great place to live and raise a family.
-I firmly stand against Right-to-Work legislation. Typically in RTW states you see lower wages and incomes, lower rates of health insurance coverage, less investment in education, and higher workplace fatalities. For these reasons I believe RTW laws will only harm the economy of Missouri.
-Currently our public schools are underfunded by hundreds of millions of dollars, an average of $700 per child. By properly funding our schools we can ensure that we are producing an intelligent workforce that businesses are looking to hire. Our children are the future, and we have to give them the best education possible.
-Currently Missouri has thousands of people without insurance coverage because they can’t afford it. By expanding Medicaid people will be able to receive the healthcare they need without shifting what would be uncompensated costs to the insured patients. Medicaid expansion will also create more jobs, as well as save hospitals from closing in rural and inner city areas.
-We need to close the gender wage gap; women deserve equal pay for equal work. I also believe it’s a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body.
I still work as a union plumber during the day and knock doors after work hours. The Missouri Times voted my race as the hottest Democratic primary this year because Courtney Curtis is the only Democrat to support all RTW legislation. I have been endorsed by the two major democratic clubs in the district, Airport Township and Ferguson Township. As well as mayors, labor unions, State Representatives, and National Organization for Women.

These are important things we need to all be aware of about Missouri politics:
1. We are not the only state that allows unlimited donations. One person with a million dollar check is legal.
2. We are not the only state that allows unlimited gifts to legislators. Dinners, trips, shows, sports tickets are all legal.
3. We are not the only state that allows legislators to resign one day and be a paid lobbyist the next.
4. We are the only state that allows all of the above.