Debbie Dilks for MO House Representative District 48

Is change coming to the 48th House District?

For more than 18 months, democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders encouraged people to not only get involved in the political process, but to run for office.

In Missouri, we have large swathes of legislative districts that only have a republican candidate on the ballot for state house representative. In the 2014 general election, 56 districts lacked a democratic candidate, while 25 districts had no republican. Forty-three percent of Missouri voters were effectively disenfranchised.

As a Nation, and as Missourians, we will all be stepping into the voting booth November 8th with big questions on our minds as to which way we want our country and our state to progress in the next 4 years. For the people of the 48th House District of the Missouri Legislature, please consider Debbie Dilks as your representative.

Dilks is running as an independent against a republican challenger who was previously unopposed by a democrat or libertarian. She was inspired by Bernie Sanders’ message to get involved.

Indeed, Ms. Dilks is championing many of the causes Missouri Progressives hold dear. She supports overturning Citizen’s United and takes no campaign contributions from corporations or PACs; believes a woman’s health decisions are between her and her doctor, no government needs to be in that room; and regarding equal rights for the LGBTQ population, she states that “everyone has the right to love who they love.”

She stands firmly against Right to Work legislation, noting it destroys jobs, decent pay, and therefore our economy. In conjunction, naturally, she is a champion of the $15 minimum wage fight, noting that to grow our economy we need to get more money into the hands of as many consumers as possible. Debbie emphatically says NO to fracking, noting that the damage we see inflicted on our environment will only get worse if the practice is allowed to continue.

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The 48th district has parts of Howard, Cooper and Jasper Counties. The largest cities are Boonville and Fayette.

If elected, Ms. Dilks vows to fight for Medicaid expansion in our state. We have lost healthcare jobs because the Missouri Legislature voted against expansion. In addition, it leaves too many people with no health insurance, or severely underinsured — a cost burden is shared by all taxpayers. She will also help Missouri send the message to Washington that we need to eliminate the cap of Social Security. Why is there a cap? Having one ensures that the middle class has to work longer before hitting their limit for the year – some folks in minimum wage jobs NEVER see FICA drop off their paychecks.

Education needs to be affordable and encouraged. An educated workeforce helps the economy and halts the flow of high-tech jobs overseas. Reducing current student debt is another issue she is ready to tackle, again with an eye to putting spendable income back into the hands of consumers; this grows our economy and is the right choice for Missourians.

“I am voting for people that will be in danger under a Trump presidency. I am voting for the minority parties, for the disenfranchised, and for those that need protection,” — Debbie Dilks on her choice to vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election via the Marshall News

Finally, Ms Dilks is tired of fear-based politics. There is not a terrorist in every backyard. Instead, she wants to focus on community-based policing, retraining our respected men and women in blue to appreciate diversity, special needs, and the value in investing in the communities they police. We need to hold both the police and the communities accountable for their actions, so body and dash cameras should be standard equipment. Transparency is key.

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