Mobilize Missouri Endorses Curtis Wylde

Curtis Wylde is currently running for the Missouri Legislature in District 107.


It is easy in this current political climate to get caught up in the cult of personality and to lose sight of the issues facing us on a daily basis. Curtis is larger than life and it would be easy to dismiss him as a big personality and little else.  But here, as in all discussions about people running for office, it is best to do a bit of digging, learn about the man, his ideas, and how he plans to govern.

As a newly elected member of the DNC, he will be representing progressive ideas for the next 4 years, pushing the Progressive Platform that we worked so hard to create forward on a national level. But that is not enough; Curtis wants to make sure that Missouri moves forward as well.  He states, “If you choose to vote for me in this race, I promise you this; I will make mistakes, I will be learning as I go, but I will do my very best to Represent YOU! I will bring an authenticity, honesty, and integrity that are largely missing from our government on all levels, and may be considered Revolutionary in today’s political landscape. I do not look forward to being a “Politician”. I am very excited and eager to become a “Public Servant”, which is what this office was meant to be. This country is ready to once again be a nation “Of the People; By the People; and for the People”.

To that end, Mr. Wylde supports limitations on campaign financing, believing that publically funded elections; with full accounting transparency is necessary for our democracy. It is no surprise, therefore, to learn he fully supports repealing Citizen’s United. On national issues, he is a staunch supporter of individual rights:

  • For Single Payer Healthcare – so that no person has to die because they cannot afford care;
  • For Criminal Justice Reform – so that no person is seen as a paycheck from the Federal government; why are taxpayers funding private corporations for handling our justice system;
  • For de-escalation of Armed Military Action – so that our soldiers are healthy and ready to defend America, not off policing the world;
  • Against the TPP – so that good paying jobs for working Americans, stay in America;
  • For revision of the Patriot Act – so that individual privacy is maintained, while providing tools for law enforcement to protect our citizens.

Here in Missouri, Curtis wants to fight against Right to Work in Jefferson City, noting that the wage suppression tactics have “no place in creating a robust economy for our state.” Consistent with that, he supports raising the minimum wage to $15/hour. He logically points out that in a consumer-based economy, consumers need to have money to spend, it is therefore necessary to raise the minimum wage so that more people have disposable income, and this helps us all. He fully supports Unions and diversity in their rank and file, so that “all voices get heard”.

Particular to Missouri, due to the aftermath of the Ferguson Protests, he supports the use of Body and Car cameras for the police.  This is for the protection of the citizens AND the police. Video and audio records are much better than eyewitness accounts and help those charged to protect us to quickly get to the facts of an incident. In addition, knowing that police encounters are being recorded holds both the police and the citizens accountable for their actions. That being said, Mr. Wylde is committed to working to de-militarize our community police, stating, “No community should ever fear those that are charged to serve and protect them”.

To better serve our senior citizens, whose ranks increase daily, Curtis supports raising the cap on Social Security to ensure its solvency.

To better serve all our futures, he encourages the legislation for a transaction tax on Wall Street to fund tuition to public colleges. An educated populace leads to a more robust economy and a more socially just society.

To better care for us all, Mr. Wylde is a passionate environmentalist, wanting to ensure that we respect and protect the Earth, which provides our sustenance in all areas of life.

To ensure individual rights, he is Pro-Choice, ensuring that women and their doctors make the choices best for each individual without governmental interference. He is Pro-Love, ensuring that all humans have the right to love and create a family as they see fit.

In his own words, “I am running for State Representative in Missouri’s District 107, because I could no longer stand by and watch bureaucrats not represent the will and needs of the people they’re meant to. I felt compelled to do what I could to make a difference. I saw an opportunity to effect change in my community. I wasn’t groomed for State Congress, but I feel I can be a progressive voice to represent you, our friends and our neighbors in District 107, because I AM one of you. I’ve experienced struggle and pain, success and devastation, and through it all found love and happiness. I was not born with a silver-spoon, didn’t have all the opportunities that some of my more well-off contemporaries may have had. I created my own opportunities, and along with my wife carved a path we can be proud of.

Curtis Wylde – Principle Progressive.