Mobilize Missouri Endorses Tishaura Jones for St. Louis Mayor

St. Louis is a city poised to evolve into a 21st century metropolis. Cranes dot the city’s skyline with new projects being announced daily. Just last month, our schools regained accreditation for the first time since 2007. A batch of startups have sprung up all over the city creating new jobs and attracting some of the best and brightest from around the country.

Despite all of the positive news, our city still has real problems when it comes to crime, poverty and our crumbling infrastructure. Business as usual has not been working for many of the most vulnerable and disenfranchised populations and the people of this city are more engaged than ever to help see that change. Thanks to the work of groups like Team TIF and St. Louis Should Vote, tax abatements and how we spend our tax revenues are part of daily discourse. From issues regarding public use of funds for stadiums, police accountability and homelessness, the citizens of St. Louis are ready to see some real progressive change and want to make sure the benefits of a booming economy in the central corridor are shared by all of its residents, not just a connected few.

In our opinion, the person best suited to lead in the years to come is Treasurer Tishaura Jones. She has the vision, passion and understanding of the issues that will help move our city forward.

After four years in the Treasurer’s office, she has brought fresh ideas and programs to the city, modernized our parking systems, and created a nationally recognized program helping our children save for college. She speaks about being smart on crime, not just tough on crime, and wants to bring social workers on to assist the police department and close down the workhouse; a symbol of what’s wrong with our justice system today.

She knows development cannot just focus on the wealthiest neighborhoods if we want to improve the lives of all of our citizens and she has bright ideas about how to address those inequities. Her campaign’s tagline — “One St. Louis” — isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s an ideology driving her vision for our city; one that works for all of us.

We aren’t the only ones who think so.

Tishaura has earned the endorsement of a number of local groups, including The Young Democrats of St. Louis. Sergio Haro, St. Louis Young Dems Director of Local Politics & Grassroots Organizing and member of Mobilize Missouri says, “Tishaura is the candidate working hard to bring all sections of St. Louis together. As a Latino in this city, it is exciting to have a candidate that will look at policy decisions through a racial equity lens.”

The praise from colleagues and friends continues:

Marty Murray Jr., Chairman of the 78th Legislative District Committee, says, “I whole heartedly endorse Tishaura for Mayor. She is the only candidate that has exhibited the ability to bring fresh and innovative programs to the City. I look forward to seeing her build upon the progress made thus far.”

Ken Haller, former Board President of PROMO, says, “She has been a voice for the powerless and marginalized for years, and she has not just talked the talk, she has walked the walk. And as City Treasurer, she knows this is not just a nice, squishy, politically-progressive thing to do. It is based in science, and it has real dollars and cents implications for the financial health of this City and this region.”

We agree. Tishaura is just what this city needs as we face exciting but challenging times. Last November, St. Louis elected a new Circuit Attorney for the first time in 16 years, and a new Sheriff for the first time since 1989. By April 4th, after 16 years with Francis Slay at the helm, our city will also elect a new mayor. Mobilize Missouri is proud to support Tishaura O. Jones for that position. We have an opportunity to move St. Louis forward and having Tishaura in Room 200 is a step in the right direction. We are all One St. Louis.