Mobilize Missouri Endorses Jenny Schmidt for Maplewood City Councilor

Mobilize Missouri is pleased to announce our endorsement of Jenny Schmidt for Maplewood’s Ward 3 City Councilor. With the help of the local action team — Mobilize MO: Maplewood/Richmond Heights — in making this determination, we are proud to support a strong, progressive mother and lawyer who we believe will help steer Maplewood in a forward-thinking direction

Mobilize Missouri believes Jenny’s longstanding ties to her community and the school district position her well to foster community engagement in the area. Her commitment to participatory budgeting, town halls, public forums, and working closely to maintain diversity and inclusivity with the school board signify an important step forward for Maplewood and the surrounding municipalities.

Additionally, Jenny is committed to the continued development of safe, livable, green infrastructure in Maplewood. From making the city more walkable and bikeable, to developing affordable housing solutions for all sectors of the community, we are impressed by her wide-ranging vision for development in the region. At a critical time in Maplewood’s history, Jenny’s community knowledge, expertise and vision are vital for the city.

While many issues make this race critical for Maplewood, few are as poignant as the nuisance ordinance and its alleged discriminatory enforcement against people of color, domestic violence victims, and people with disabilities. The ACLU and Equal Housing and Opportunity Commission (EHOC) have both filed suit against the city, and the legal battle is expected to persist for some time. Further, ArchCity Defenders, Inc. are suing the city for a pay-to-play municipal court fee system, adding to the concerns about discrimination in the area.

As a lawyer who also has experience in social work, Jenny is perfectly positioned to assess the legality of Maplewood’s ordinances, and ensure that enforcement, if necessary, is not discriminatory. Her commitment to holding everyone in government, law enforcement and the court system accountable to the highest standards of ethics in our legal systems cannot be overemphasized. At a time where Maplewood is expected to receive over $400,000 in Prop P funds, it needs a city councilor who will ensure public participation in deciding where those funds go and help direct them towards benefiting all residents regardless of race, gender, income, or housing status.

We firmly believe Jenny is the person to help lead Maplewood into a progressive future and are proud to endorse her.

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