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Mobilize Missouri Endorses Bill Otto for US Congress

Impressed with his strong convictions that all Americans should receive a living wage, quality healthcare, and a strong education, Mobilize Missouri endorses Bill Otto for the U.S. House of Representative in the 2nd Congressional District of Missouri.

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Bill Otto knows how to work hard for his country. A U.S. Navy veteran, he has worked for 26 years as an air traffic controller at Lambert International Airport. His discipline and ability to work under pressure proved critical to his success in one of the most stressful occupations in America. Given his background in the air traffic controllers’ union, he has always been a strong Union supporter, stating, “The US was built by labor unions… unions are critical to the American way of life. I will work tirelessly in Congress to protect our labor unions.” Otto has received the endorsement of every major union in Missouri, as well as the AFL-CIO.

From his experience as an air traffic controller, Otto backs legislation in support of rebuilding infrastructure. He is strongly opposed to the TPP, which he believes “will accelerate the decline of American manufacturing.” He also sees a way forward in sustainable energy initiatives noting, “Climate change is real… there can be no more arguing with reality. This is critical. We can create jobs and lower energy bills by investing in sustainable energy.” Finally, he understands that raising the minimum wage, and tying it to inflation, returns the pay of hardworking Americans to a middle class living standard—just as it was originally intended. By getting money into the hands of consumers, the economy will blossom as more as Americans buy more of each other’s products and services.

Otto strongly believes that the infamous Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision needs to be overturned, and he is committed to bringing “greater transparency to our democratic process.” In addition, Otto will work to update Glass-Steagall Act, and he will fight the creation of “too-big-to-fail” banks. He supports updating our criminal justice system, making changes that counteract the systemic racism in what should be our most colorblind of government institutions, demilitarizing our police, making BodyCams standard, and ensuring that for-profit prisons are closed. 
Otto takes a pragmatic approach to dealing with the country’s care for the most vulnerable members of our society. He believes in raising the cap on Social Security to ensure its solvency for the protection of seniors and disabled Americans into the next century. While single payer healthcare is what Otto ultimately hopes for our country, until Republicans and Democrats “work across the aisle and get healthcare for every American,” he supports expanding Social Security and Medicare, helping our most at-risk populations—seniors and low income Americans—to land in a safety net that currently is too weak to catch them. In support of this, the government needs to have the power to negotiate drug prices to contain costs to reasonable rates. All Americans will benefit from lower drug prices that reflect reality, not obscene corporate profits.

Bill Otto is Pro-Choice, believing that women know the best when it comes to their healthcare, stating ardently that “the government should not be involved in making critical healthcare decisions, those are best left to a woman, her doctor and her God.” He is Pro-Love, believing that marriage should be all; and emphatically supports LGBTQ rights. He is Pro-Education, proposing a tax on Wall Street to make sure that public universities, colleges and trade schools are free to every American who wants an education past high school. An educated citizen is good for our democracy.
Otto is a patriot, a navy veteran who understands the true cost of war. He believes military action to resolve problems should always be a last resort. Explains Otto, “We must use diplomacy and other soft power measures before we seriously consider any armed conflict.”

A vote for Bill Otto will send a message to our government that its people want logical, compassionate and realistic solutions to our problems. Now more than ever, the importance of sending the right person to Washington is critical to the continuation of America’s promise of opportunity to all people.

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